apEX: “We are going to try to bring this power we had today”

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Vitality edged out Astralis in a grueling upper-bracket semi-finals brawl. With the two of the three maps seeing the 30th round including a double-overtime contest, the two teams were tested to the absolute limit. When the smoke cleared, Vitality stood tall, and have ultimately earned themselves an upper-bracket Finals match in front of the crowd against Major winners Navi. After the razor-thin series, I was able to catch up with in-game leader Dan ‘apEX’ Madesclaire about their form, the state of the French scene, and more.

 How do you think this win sets you guys up momentum-wise going into the arena Saturday?

We are feeling really good to be honest. It’s been really tough games to play, most like today all the three maps were really close so we are happy to play at least twice in the arena which is what we wanted — so I’m happy.

Where would you rank ZywOo based on his performance?

For me, he is the second-best player in the world. s1mple is unbeatable this year, he’s been the best so far, but he had a great team as well. And this year, we didn’t have [a great team] so obviously when his team wins so much it’s hard to get behind him. For me ZywOo is second even though sh1ro did a crazy year but, I mean, ZywOo is ZywOo, only two beat each other in the rankings so, I have no doubt he will end in second place.

Based on your momentum-based CS, you are a very passionate player, how do you think the crowd might be able to spur you on against Navi on Saturday?

We just wanted to have a lot of fun this event that is what’s most important for the team, so playing in the arena will be even more fun so we are going to try to bring this power we had today and yesterday just to play in the arena and just give our best against the best teams in the world.

What are your thoughts on the current state of the French scene and in particular DBL Poney and their current situation?

To be honest, I really like them, they are hard workers, it’s been a year that they are working without salaries without anything, the only one to be in the top 30, so I just hope they are going to find something and show their potential playing real full time, like when you don’t have money is pretty scary sometimes so I just want them to get a really good spot in a good organization and then they will roll everything, I hope so.

Is there any particular reason behind ZywOo sitting in the middle, where normally the IGL is?

No, it’s just because I’m playing with misutaaa and ZywOo and I like to see the screens a lot so that’s what we wanted and that’s the best thing we found, so it’s ok.

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