jL: “Why is our major considered a fluke, but their Katowice win was not a fluke?”

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It seems that we’re getting the Major winning version of NAVI this time around.

The post-win hangover has lasted much longer than anyone expected. After a convincing semifinal victory against Virtus Pro, it’s safe to say that  jL and co. have lit that flame of motivation once again. RBM’s Liam “Slevo” Slevin got to debrief with the Major MVP after their victory in Wembley last night.

It looked pretty straightforward for you guys today. What was the game plan like going into that game?

Smash them. Don’t give them a chance to win and don’t give them a chance to come back. Dictate the whole way. Show them that we’re a better team and that we’re not gonna back down. And we did just that.

I spoke to Aleksib earlier this week, he told me that the results haven’t been going your way but the week of practice going into this was very strong coming into this tournament. What can you tell me about that? 

Doesn’t count. We wiped that off. I mean, I was struggling with motivation. And, of course, when you have a guy that doesn’t act like himself anymore, who doesn’t play like himself anymore, it’s gonna be demotivating to the other guys. I cannot lift the mood up, and instead, I was just bringing it down. So it I think a lot of it was on me, not a 100%, but, yeah, we’re fucking back. 

What was it that helped you pull yourself out of that motivational rut then? 

Life continues. Even though you won the major, you got the major MVP, and I don’t know. If I would have quit CS right now, 10 years from now people would see me and be like, oh, it’s just another player. There’s no legacy. You haven’t left anything behind. So I want to build a legacy. I want to leave something after myself. I want to prove that I am worthy of being a tier one player. And, yeah, I want to prove the people on HLTV as well. They’ve been chirping a lot.

You’re up against Spirit tomorrow. They’re a team that won Katowice earlier this year, but haven’t won since. You guys won the major, and like you said, people write it off as a fluke. Do you think nerves are going to come into play between both teams tomorrow?

Wait. Wait. Why is our major considered a fluke, but their Katowice win was not a fluke? That’s actually really interesting. Were they in a grand final since Katowice? 

I don’t think so. (Editor: Spirit lost in the finals of BetBoom Dacha Belgrade to Mouz)

So what the fuck? [laughs] That is so unfair. Like, I don’t know. Fuck the people that were saying it’s a fluke. We were the best team at that major. We played the best. We’re step ahead of everyone and, fuck the rest.

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