k0nfig: “I started playing 20 days ago … this is not peak at all”

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Kristian Wienecke, kRelle, the Bezerker – The Astralis superstar formerly known as k0nfig goes by many names in the Counter-Strike community, but while on stage at BLAST Fall Finals on Saturday, he should be referred to as Heroic’s worst nightmare. The newest addition to this frightening iteration of Astralis has been a revelation in this tournament, dropping 56 frags across Mirage and Nuke in the Danish derby in front of a packed Royal arena. I was fortunate enough to catch up with the man himself in the aftermath of the series and get his thoughts on the series, being in front of the home fans and their chances going into the final day.

I’m here with k0nfig after a great win. You are taking your first Danish derby in an Astralis jersey. How are you feeling right now?

I think it was a great game. I think they are really good on Mirage and got the upper hand on Nuke. Starting CT-side with the meta right now is very CT-sided, all the maps, the nade dropping thing, yeah I think it was a nice match to win for us as a team.

Stepping out on the stage, the atmosphere was electric. How did you feel with the Danish crowd cheering for you?

It’s insane, I think we have really great fans in Denmark, and we want more of them. So winning this one was really important and we also did it for the fans.

Rain was quoted yesterday saying that their game plan going against you is to make you feel uncomfortable after your amazing debut. Have you noticed trying to make you feel uncomfortable on the map than those games?

On Nuke I was pretty uncomfortable against FaZe, but all the other matches I’ve been feeling great honestly.

Tomorrow, you have to go against arguably two of the best players in the world, ZywOo and s1mple, to get to that trophy. Are you feeling confident going into those?

It’s of course hard to play against NaVi and Vitality, but I think we have a chance. We were so close to winning against Vitality early on in the tournament but I think we have a good opportunity to win for sure. 


It’s insane, I think we have really great fans in Denmark, and we want more of them. So winning this one was really important and we also did it for the fans.

You worked with ave as an analyst when you were with North. How are you seeing his impact working as a coach?

I think he has a really good work ethic and he is really good to help the team with small details and anti-strat and stuff like that. I think he is a really great coach. We haven’t had him for so long full time, but he is full time soon and that’s when we will experience the real ave.

Do you think we are seeing peak k0nfig right now or do you still have more to give?

I haven’t played for 130 days so I started playing 20 days ago, something like that, like actually playing games so this is not peak at all.

What do you think the ceiling is for this roster going into 2022 and your goals personally?

I think the ceiling is pretty high, like I don’t think we’ve seen the ceiling yet. I think we have strong individual players and we have a great in-game leader. I think it really depends on the map pool and when people actually have the opportunity to anti-strat us and how we play at the next tournament, and the next tournament.


Photo Credit:  Kalle Strömgren/Fragbite


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