Mustache Masters 3 Preview

The third iteration of the Mustache Masters charity tournament takes place this weekend, with the pre-show currently live on the Mustache Masters Twitch channel. The annual charity tournament aims to promote men’s health while raising money for the Movember Foundation all through great Counter-Strike and even greater content. The inaugural tournament raised $10,000 back in 2019 and with last year’s event shattering that number with over $27,000 raised for the Movember Foundation, the sky’s the limit this year!

With the 16 team cap removed for the first time, this year’s event boasts the biggest and potentially best turnout the event has ever seen, with a whopping 27 teams fighting for the coveted Mustache Masters title. Headlining those 27 teams are new and former ESL Pro League squads Party Astronauts, Bad News Bears, and Team One who are the clear favorites to bring home the title. Joining them is a slate of talented ESEA Advanced and Premier squads such as Big Chillin, Detonate, X13, Brazen, Valors, and YeniCherry who will look to make this the most competitive tournament yet. But of course, the event could not be complete without the likes of Horny Homies and Ricefield Scrimmers, who have impressively played in every Mustache Masters to date. Meanwhile, Gamers 2+2 are showing that we can’t have all the fun here in NA with their European roster comprised of the likes of MOUZ Analyst Colin “Koi” Thor and G2 Social Media Specialist Austin “Jujubez_” Redfern.

While the tournament itself is sure to be one of the best yet, anyone that has watched Mustache Masters in the past knows that the games themselves are only the first half. The real heart and soul of the event comes from the top-tier content produced by the likes of Mike “DarfMike” Winnick, Ryan “RyanAtRBM” Friend, and their guests. With the spiciest content coming from this year’s donation goals. The event returns with classic goals such as body waxing at $3,000 and the Ryan clown suit at $9,000 as well as some new ones such as bringing in Bloons TD6 at $6,000 and “El_Jack0 El_Bann0” at $15,000. The goals everyone will want to see though will likely come later on in the event with the Griffhawk returning at $16,000 and DarfMike will go as bald as Ryan himself at $25,000 and even balder at $75,000 while the ultimate prize is the “Keester tats” if the event can raise $100,000 for the Movember Foundation this weekend.

Donations will be open throughout the weekend, and even if you miss the event, you can still donate for the rest of November. Be sure to catch all the action as the event starts Saturday at 12 pm EST, with the pre-show already live!

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