Mustache Masters Season 3 Raises $25k for Men’s Health

Bad News Bears earned first place honors over TeamOne at Mustache Masters Season 3 on Saturday, taking gold in the biggest and most memorable event we have seen from the Movember affiliated tournament. Mustache Masters seeks to bring awareness to men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and suicide by bringing some of the most notable talents and personalities in the scene together for a tournament, with all donated proceeds going to Movember. This year was better than ever with a loaded guest cast including casters Dustin ‘dusT’ Moret and Hugo Byron, event host OJ Borg, and HLTV senior staff writer and journalist Danish ‘Nohte’ Allana. The efforts of each staff member and guest that joined the charity event stream created memories the community will remember forever, including waxing, head shaving, shoeys, and ghost peppers. The weekend of content and Counter-Strike combined with the charitable efforts of the community raised a total of $25,555 for the Movember Foundation, stamping in a third successful event organized by the staff behind the scenes at Mustache Masters.

In pursuit of claiming top honors at the event, Bad News Bears took wins over fellow notable teams such as Party Astronauts and TeamOne. Their grand final rematch against TeamOne was handled with relative ease, not wasting their 1-0 upper bracket map advantage and making quick work of the opposition on Ancient with a 16-7 victory. The Bears sealed the 2-0 victory, completing the charity event and marking the end to a successful weekend of spreading awareness on men’s health issues. In the singular finals map, Bad News Bears stars Michael ‘Swisher’ Schmid and Brendan ‘Bwills’ Williams shined with a combined K/D of 56-24 and closed with ADRs over 115.

Mustache Masters Season 3 final standings:

  1. Bad News Bears
  2. TeamOne
  3. Valors
  4. Big Chillin

Although Mustache Masters is over, you can still donate to the Movember Foundation and support their efforts here.

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