Xizt: “I hope that we are going to meet [NaVi] again”

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The Heroic lineup lived up to their name, putting in a valiant performance against the current best team in the world, Navi in a closely contested three-map series. They fell 16-11 in the opening map of Inferno, before going the full 30 rounds on the next two maps, winning 16-14 on Mirage before a 16-14 loss on Overpass. Following the conclusion of a grueling battle with the recent Major champions, I had the opportunity to speak with the newest addition to the Heroic Counter-Strike team, coach Richard ‘Xizt’ Landström.

After such a strong performance against Navi, the number one team in the world, what kind of confidence do you think is instilled in the team going forward with the crowd?

We feel very confident in ourselves and I think we proved to everyone at the Major that we can compete, and that we can even compete against NaVi, so we are very confident and I hope that we are going to meet them again.

What was the mentality like within the team after the strong 15-5 start on Mirage and then narrowly winning it 16-14?

I mean, that’s the thing that you have to prepare for when you play against the best players in the world, you’re going to get frustrated. You’re going to get triple killed when most players probably wouldn’t. I think we were very confident that we were going to close it out and it got a little too close, but we made it in the end.

How much impact do you think that you individually as a coach have had on this team since you came in?

I think it is hard to say, there has obviously been a learning curve. Learning the language and learning their strat book took all the Major I think. I am having more impact in this tournament.

Ending the thirteen map win streak of Navi, surely that is going to do something very good for the team’s confidence going forward don’t you think?

Yeah, I mean thirteen is not so much, we had 87 so! But yeah, taking a map off of Navi is obviously really big and I think we are getting closer and closer to beating them in a best of three.

Just a final question, what do you think is the most annoying part of Navi’s game to play against at the moment?

I think the boring answer would be to say that they have s1mple, electronic and B1T, but, I think that they are really organized in how they play, they have a really good structure. I think the most annoying part is that when you have the read on them, the read on what they want to do, they slow it down and they just play at their own pace and pick you off one by one.
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