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YEKINDAR: “We can go higher than the ceiling, higher than the sun”

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You’re quickly becoming one of the best entry-fraggers in the world. But against Heroic, we saw FL1T play some entry roles, taking aggressive, mid, and ramp control on Mirage. Is that a permanent change or was that just a change for one month?

Our previous system won’t work anymore because of the player change. SANJI and FL1T are completely different players. We have the five players now, a new player as well, and the system will change as well. So maybe I’m not going to be having the same roles that I have had before because of the clash of roles with FL1T. But we’ll see what brings us the best result possible. So everything is possible. in the past would play a very slow playstyle. It’s what Jame as an IGL has been known, he likes to slow things down and, it really helped you in that first map. However, you’re an aggressive player we’ve spoken about before. Is it easy to play that role or are you the exception to the slow players?

In our system, I’m the one taking the initiative, gathering information and taking out zones. The system allows me to play how I want while still having the system that Jame wants. So we’re doing all right in terms of passive aggression.

It was obviously a match of passion against composure. You guys often don’t scream after every win often just fistbumps. Whereas Heroic is known for just screaming their heads off. Does passion always win or was it just like a one-off?

I don’t believe in passion. I believe in a cold, when you’re cold-headed, when you have icy veins, it’s the best possible state that you can have and you can scream how much do you want after you win but, during the game, I love some trash talk. I love some banter but, I’m the only one screaming in my team with FL1T as well. Qikert sometimes, but we are overall just a calm team.

You’re staying here for the rest of the Major, whereas the rest of the team has gone back. Is there something you hope to learn from staying, or is it just that personal experience?

We decided to split because we have three days to actually get a break between the tournaments, because on the 11th we already have a tournament. This is how I take my break. I’m an extrovert person. I like going out. I like to talk to people and, that’s the thing that refreshes me and helps me.

So you say you have the next tournament, but even beyond that, what are your goals for the rest of the year?

We want to get to the top three. Once we were in the top three for a while when I first joined and we want to be the best team in the world. I believe with this lineup, we have a lot of potential. We can go higher than the ceiling, higher than the sun.

The last question is for you to get to that top three or the best team in the world, does anything on this current team have to change or does somebody have to come alive?

I believe we just need to share the experience with FL1T. He needs to share the experience with us and we need to change the system over our game and it’s going to be really good.
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