ZywOo on Dust2: “I don’t know how the fuck we lost this”

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Vitality, who were regarded as one of the favorites to make a playoff run at the BLAST Premier Spring Final, now face early elimination after falling to Virtus.pro in their opening series. After securing the opener Mirage and an 11-5 advantage on the succeeding map, Dust 2, Vitality were unable to protect their lead as the Dzhami “Jame” Ali-led VP secured the comeback and eventually took the series home.

Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut shared a few words with Liam “Slevo” Slevin after the match, commenting on what didn’t go to plan for Vitality and how the team will approach their next game against G2 in the Group B Lower Final.

You guys had a good start on Inferno, it seemed to be going well on Dust2 then it slipped away and then you started mounting a comeback on Anubis. Tell me where it went wrong for you guys today.

I think what went wrong was after the Dust2 game we didn’t follow our plan. We just kept going but I think I would say after the 11-5 we lost Dust2, I don’t know how the fuck we lost this. But yeah, Anubis was kind of the same at the end of Dust2 we didn’t communicate well we just kept falling into bad plans. It was just a bad Vitality at the end.

I was talking to Apex. He said he’s had some talks with you about your struggles on Nuke recently. He said that the next Nuke we see from ZywOo is going to be one of the best so what was going on in that regard?

We just talked about what I need to do, and what I need to improve and we had a talk but it was nothing crazy. He just told me to do like before, to just play my game and that was the only thing we talked about.

You had your homecoming with Paris and this is supposed to be a bit of a homecoming for mezii but now you are facing elimination. How disappointed do you think the team will feel if you don’t make it to the arena?

I think we are going to feel bad for him most likely because we want to make it to the playoffs for him. As we said, we had an amazing feeling when we played in front of the home crowd and we want him to feel the same, so that’s why it is really important for us to make at least the playoffs for him so we are really going to try in the next game.

You’re going to be facing the loser of G2 or Spirit. With no m0NESY here and uncertainty whether he is going to show up tomorrow, does that make it more difficult to try and gameplan if it is G2 that you are facing?

Not really. Anyway, they are going to play the same and we saw that happen with the stand-in or the coach they will play the same. It is going to be difficult to play them or even Spirit if they lose so anyway we are going to face a strong team tomorrow so we are going to focus on that.

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