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All-RBM Lineup 2021

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The Rush B Media awards are awards chosen by our staff members to be given to players in a number of categories, and the final award is the ‘All-RBM’ Lineup – commemorating the five best players within their respective roles throughout the year.


s1mple’s trio of victories at the RBM Awards was enough evidence that he would make an appearance on the All-RBM lineup. He is without a doubt the best player in the world, and more specifically, the best AWPer in the world. That is why he won not only the Silver Scope award, but this spot on the All-RBM lineup as well.


Our Golden Gun recipient enjoyed the successes of a year only topped by s1mple himself. NiKo continues to improve as a player and teammate, and the new year looks to be the best year yet as he guns for his own Major victory. His world-class dominance as a rifler earned him a place in this lineup.


boombl4 had a stellar year as leader of NaVi, capped off by the team’s first Major victory. His calling works well with his stacked roster, allowing the heavy hitters the space they need to flourish. The big moments did not dissuade him or his team, and now they look primed to win more. In the world of IGL’s, nobody had success like boombl4 in 2021.


As the man behind the monster, electroNic has fit himself into a role with this iteration of NaVi that is great for himself and the team as a whole. The individual and team success prove it. The everso slight drop in statistics are not a product of a dip in form, but rather a spreading of the wealth. With this team the best it has ever been, so has electroNic. His place as the number two rifler on this lineup is well-deserved.


YEKINDAR’s efficiency and impact as an entry fragger is unmatched by any pure rifler, with only the hybrid GOAT s1mple contesting the Latvian star’s ability at entry. From the start, his fire inside the server gave VP the edge they lacked in many capacities during top competition. The team did not see event victory in 2021, but YEKINDAR saw new individual heights at the top levels of the game. His unmatched impact as entry earned him a place amongst the greats.

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