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Case Esports to Sign All-Brazilian Lineup Led by Steel

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Case Esports’ return to the Brazilian Counter-Strike scene might be closer than expected, as sources close to the situation tell Rush B Media the Brazilian organization is in advanced talks with a new Brazilian lineup. 

The Brazilian organization initially entered CS:GO in late 2020 and despite the backing of Real Madrid’s Casemiro, the team failed to make a splash in the competitive European scene. After months of underwhelming results, the Madrid-based esports organization moved their original Brazilian roster to the bench back in July and have been assessing their options since then. 

At the helm of this new project is Lucas ‘steel’ Lopes, who has been out of action after being moved to Movistar Rider’s bench in July. This new all-Brazilian squad will be a return to form for the Major runner-up after a mixed two-year tenure with Movistar Riders. Despite a number of smaller trophies during this time, the steel-led iteration of Movistar Riders has been largely overshadowed by the new all-Spanish squad’s recent qualification to PGL Stockholm 2021.

The next piece of the puzzle is current FURIA Academy player Lucas ‘honda’ Cano. Rush B Media knows that Case is in the final stages of negotiations to acquire the Brazilian rifler. Earlier in the year, honda was notably a part of FURIA’s starting lineup in the first half of the year before being moved back to the academy lineup in favor of André ‘drop’ Abreu.

Arthur ‘f4stzin’ Schmitt is also expected to be a member of Case’s new squad. He is most known for his time on Yeah in 2020 alongside GODSENT star Eduardo ‘dumau’ Wolkmer. Since then, outside of a brief loan to Imperial, f4stzin has been out of the limelight, recently playing on domestic Brazilian squad Asterys alongside his former Yeah teammate Rodrigo ‘RCF’ Figueiredo.

The final two members of the squad are the lesser-known duo of Yan ‘yepz’ Pedretti and Lucas ‘nqz’ Soares. yepz joins this new Case lineup as the sole remaining member of the original squad while previously being a journeyman player with previous tenures on FURIA Academy, Santos e-Sports, and New England Whalers. As for ngz, the 16-year old AWPer is a relatively new face to the scene, with his most high-profile team to date being DETONA. Despite helping the team to a first-place finish at GamersClub Masters VI in late 2020, nqz has been on the bench since August.

Case Esports 2022 roster will consist of:

Lucas ‘steel’ Lopes

Lucas ‘honda’ Cano

Arthur ‘f4stzin’ Schmitt 

Yan ‘yepz’ Pedretti

Lucas ‘nqz’ Soares

Rush B Media reached out for comment, with a Case representative telling the site they declined to confirm the report.

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