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dav1d set to join 9z

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David ‘dav1d’ Maldonado is set to join 9z following Paquetá’s end of operations.

Rush B Media, in collaboration with DRAFT5, was told by sources that dav1d will be replacing Martin ‘rox’ Molina in the Argentinian org. After 11 months with the team, rox is the lowest-rated player of the group, with a 1.03 rating.

After Dener ‘KHTEX’ Barchfield stepped down from the lineup and Victor ‘iDk’ Torraca got benched in September, Paquetá ceased their operations, and players were put on the transfer list. dav1d is now leaving the Brazilian team to join 9z.

The Chilean youngster was the highest-rated player from Paquetá, during their 8 months together. During his time with Paquetá, dav1d averaged a 1.18 rating, 83.9 ADR, and a 1.16 K/D ratio.

dav1d now joins 9z, who have been making some waves in Europe after reaching every final (except one) in all the South American competitions they entered. The team now sits at rank #55.

Prior to publication, Rush B Media contacted 9z Team who informed the publication that the organization was not aware of the rumors and had nothing to report on them.

With dav1d joining 9z, the roster will be the following: 

  • Bruno ‘BIT’ Lima
  • David ‘dav1d’ Maldonado
  • Franco ‘dgt’ Garcia
  • Maximiliano ‘max’ Gonzalez 
  • Santino ‘try’ Rigal
  • Rafael ‘zakk’ Fernandes (Coach)

Update on October 19th at 14:58 EDT: Following the publication of this report, multiple players and 9z’s manager have made tweets publicly denying the move. The article above has also been updated to include mention of attempt for comment from the organization which was not including during initial publication.

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