max_rounds 30 Podcast – Season 3, Week 0

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The max_rounds 30 podcast is back, this time with a new home! Now a part of the Rush B Media family, we come crawling back to North American Counter-Strike once again. After a two month hiatus, we welcome Danish “Nohte” Allana in place of Koi as our new third host as Koi moves onto new projects overseas.

If you were previously unfamiliar with the max_rounds 30 podcast, it’s the show where you can find all of your weekly North American Counter Strike news. Typically we keep it at around 30 minutes, but this season there are a few twists! You can follow the show on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, RSS (If you’re bleghfarec), and more!

In this week’s episode we do our ESEA Premier Season 38 “Premier Preview”, discuss the Bad News Bears, and more!

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