Report: Nordavind In Negotiations to Sign O PLANO

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O PLANO have patiently been in search of an organization to represent since the lineup officially parted ways with MIBR at the start of 2021. But, it wasn’t until May that O PLANO officially became an independent project after all players were able to sever ties to their previous organizations. Now, sources have informed Rush B Media and ge that O PLANO are in negotiations with the Nordic organization Nordavind.

Despite the two parties having yet to finalize anything and still negotiating terms, talks appear to be progressing as both parties want to make the deal happen. Nordavind announced Wednesday that their current CS:GO roster, signed in February of this year, has been benched and placed on the transfer list. Nordavind, however, were very clear in stating that this is not the end for them in CS:GO, stating “We are not leaving the scene and will soon reveal our plans for the future.”

O PLANO has not been very active in 2021, only participating in two events so far with the Brazilian squad finishing 4th in cs_summit 8 and 2nd in Dreamhack Open June 2021 North America. Vito “⁠kNgV-⁠” Giuseppe announced on Tuesday, however,  that O PLANO has returned to Warsaw for another European bootcamp and will start the second half of their 2021 season on August 16th in the Eden Malta Vibes tournament that has yet to be officially announced.

Should Nordavind complete the signing of O PLANO, currently ranked 35th in’s world rankings, the Nordic organization will achieve their highest ever rank since first appearing in’s world rankings back in March of 2018. 

Nordavinds roster would be:

Vito “⁠kNgV-⁠” Giuseppe
Henrique “⁠HEN1⁠” Teles
Lucas “⁠LUCAS1⁠” Teles
Leonardo “⁠leo_drk⁠” Oliveira
Vinicius “⁠vsm⁠” Moreira

Raphael “⁠cogu⁠” Camargo (coach)

Alencar “⁠trk⁠” Rossato (substitute)

ge talked with representatives from O PLANO who declined to provide a comment. Additionally, Rush B Media reached out to representatives from Nordavind who have not provided a comment at the time of publishing.

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