Stanislaw makes his return in ESL Challenger League project

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Former Evil Geniuses IGL Peter ‘Stanislaw’ Jarguz is set to make his return to competitive CS:GO in a project competing in ESL Challenger League Season 40 North America. He will compete with former Detonate player David ‘Delta9’ Shafer who was given the ECL spot by the organization after the team’s disbandment following Season 39. With no other ex-Detonate players looking to make a return to ECL with the organization, the slot was kindly given to Delta9 by the management after learning about this project. Jacob ‘SPERMY’ Younan and Ali ‘phantom’ Sachs will play alongside Stanislaw and Delta9 and will both make their return to the professional scene with this project after not posting an HLTV recorded match during 2021. The final player has been selected but is not ready to be announced. RBM is told that former Detonate players Andrew ‘Ghostii’ Kehler and Christian ‘sutter’ Sutter are potential names to fill out the roster temporarily at the start of the season. The name of the project and whether or not any supporting staff will be involved have yet to be confirmed.

Interestingly, this is the first time Stanislaw has ever competed in the ESL circuit below the top level. The Canadian legend has competed in every single ESL Pro League season since its inception under the name ESL ESEA Pro League except the most recent season, Season 14. Stanislaw will be able to share his wealth of experience, unmatched by nearly any NA pro in CS:GO, to the ECL level and hopefully flex his fragging and leadership skills in NA’s lower echelons. This comes at a pivotal moment for NA’s Challenger League as many of its best known players have deservingly received call ups from wealthy organizations who have access to higher tier circuits. With a slightly less competitive field this season, Stanislaw will have quite the opportunity to impress his doubters after only posting a 0.87 HLTV rating during a turbulent and disappointing 2021 season in Evil Geniuses. 

Fans of pro NA CS:GO, particularly Canadian fans, will be excited to watch Stanislaw go head-to-head in a league with his former coach and countrymen whom he’s replaced on multiple occasions: Damian ‘daps’ Steele. However, daps has the upper hand by having more proven players to work with in his Orgless roster which, in a surprising move by ESL and ESEA, was invited to ECL Season 40. The last time a team was invited to this level of ESL’s circuit was in 2017 when Não Tem Como received an invite to ESEA MDL Season 27. Regardless, this season of ECL just got a lot more interesting. 

The new project competing with Detonate’s ECL slot in ECL Season 40 currently consists of: 

  • David ‘Delta9’ Shafer
  • Ali ‘phantom’ Sachs
  • Jacob ‘SPERMY’ Younan 
  • Peter ‘Stanislaw’ Jarguz
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