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HUNDEN alleges that Heroic “conceal[ed] the truth” during initial coach scandal

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In Danish TV channel TV2 Sport’s continuing coverage of the scandal, Nicolai “HUNDEN” Petersen has made new allegations towards the management of the Heroic organization. Petersen was previously handed a 2-year ESIC ban after he shared fully-fledged tactics, according to Heroic, with a competitor which is widely believed to be Astralis.

In the (machine translated) interview with TV2, Petersen denies that he is out to hurt the players but instead says “it is about getting the truth out”. He explains that since day one of the coaching scandal he made it clear to Heroic management that “[they] should be completely honest in the matter and not sweep anything away under the rug”. He then alleges that his “safety” was “threatened” when he “opposed the management’s decision to conceal the truth”, explaining that of the poor working environment at the organization

HUNDEN also explains that he had submitted his resignation to Heroic which was to take effect on July 31st — just days before he was publicly terminated by the organization. HUNDEN does not mention the day on which he submitted it. Heroic was aware of the sharing of the tactics from at least July 6th and probably intended to terminate him already.

Also in the article by TV2, Petersen lays out that “it’s time for the cards to finally come to the table and for both ESIC and the rest of the world to gain insight into the matter”. He goes on to explain that he is already preparing the evidence which he will present to ESIC with the goal of helping them fully investigate the situation.

Ian Smith, the ESIC Commissioner, told the Danish publication that “there was no concrete evidence available about the players’ involvement in the cheating and exploitation of the bug” at the time. He also explains that they did not have the resources to “proactively” work the issue but that they would have looked at any evidence presented then, just as they would now.

Smith concludes by adding that he would have to see the evidence previously presented to Jacob “Pimp” Winneche before making a decision on whether “an investigation can or should reopened” in regards to the players’ involvement. The evidence previously presented to Pimp had him inclined to believe HUNDEN was telling the truth, labeling it as “highly probable”.

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