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Welcome to the new Rush B Media website! Take a look around, it’s cool, it’s new, and it’s been developed by Jacob Halfman who did a wonderful job on it. We have a dark mode too! The light mode is coming, allegedly. It also looks a little bit barren. I can explain. Rush B Media took a little bit of a break, which is mostly down to me going through a new job, moving, and being burned out by COVID-19 like a lot of us. However, things are now looking up and with that, RBM is finding its feet once again and doing what it does best; making half-cocked ideas and takes sound way too good to actually be right, reporting on the North American scene, and often posting jokes on twitter that are really funny but totally ironic, right?

We’ve had some organizational changes with some previous writers leaving to pursue other options in real life and others leaving for new opportunities within the world of online esports journalism. We’ve had amazing writers in the past go on to join organizations like HLTV, G2 Esports, ESEA, FACEIT, and more! Writers got their shot here and then went on to create their own content or pursue other interests at DreamHack, TL;DR, and Jaxon (okay, maybe that’s just one guy, but he did a lot!). What I’m trying to say, and what I am proud to say, is that Rush B Media has been and always will be the place for those without a megaphone to get their opportunities to shout from the top of the hills. The only independent CS:GO – and sometimes VALORANT – website that is volunteer run with the hope that everyone can get their shot somewhere else in this space.

So now that leaves us with the Roadmap To The Future and what we at Rush B Media are looking to do going forward. There are several new and exciting opportunities at the site, each curated to cultivate individuals who are just looking for that initial breakthrough into the writing/content/blogosphere esports world. RBM is looking to bring back several projects (like the podcast), expand more into Valorant (hey, why not?), and also the reliable entry positions of creative writing in CSGO. Additionally, we’re looking for someone who wants to start their journey in roster reporting – the ever glamorous, but incredibly scrutinuous job of reporting player movements from anonymous sources. I’ll try to give guidance that I figured out through much trial & error, while introducing this individual to serious journalists that I have looked up to and sought advice from.

There is a lot going on, and maybe the person that you are doesn’t fit the roles that we have laid out below, so if that is you, then apply anyways and shoot us a message about what it really is that you’re looking to do with RBM and esports in general. We want to bring the fun back that feels like it has been missing since the start of COVID. Cologne has been injected into our blood and we all feel alive once again. So it’s time to start this revitalized journey and I’m excited to see what we can do for the second half of 2021.


  • Social Media Manager: We are looking for someone to work in a junior capacity to an already existing SMM at RBM. This individual does not need formal experience and will learn from the current SMM and from other RBM Staff.
  • Graphic Designer: RBM is looking for an amateur graphic designer that wants a publication to hone their craft! Most requests will be simple social media designs and photo manipulations for articles. (Please, experienced people do not apply. You’re too good for this.)
  • CS:GO NA Premier/Advanced Writer: Writers who are interested in the Semi-Pro/Amateur North American scene and looking to cover important matches, talk about interesting player developments, and comment on the going ons of the scene.
  • CS:GO EU Premier/Advanced Writer: Writers who are interested in the Semi-Pro/Amateur European scene and looking to cover important matches, talk about interesting player developments, and comment on the going ons of the scene.
  • CS:GO/Valorant Long-Form Writer: For those that all too commonly want to make the fourteen tweet thread about the small detail everyone seemingly missed, well, we want you to make that into a 10 minute article that takes you a month to develop on and off.
  • Valorant Writer: Yes, RBM is moving away from just CS:GO. We tried it once with CoD (Hey, George Geddes), and now we’re looking at someone specifically for Valorant. Just like with our CS:GO writers, any individuals looking to cover major events, topics, player moves, etc…
  • RBM Junior Editor: While I cannot fully edit every article (and I am not particularly good at it), help in editing articles is vital to ensuring that we produce quality material. Oversight of writers and assisting with themes will be part of the role.
  • Podcast Host: I, Ryan, am looking for another voice to join the Rush B Podcast and pushing out new shows every week. Someone who is dedicated, eager, but also willing to tell me that my ideas are absolute garbage. No show is good when everyone agrees on the topic.
  • Roster Reporter: We’re looking for an individual who has taken an interest in breaking roster moves from sources within the scene. We will be helping build this individual’s network, expand their knowledge about how to report roster movements, and grow the number of individuals within this space.

To note, each of these positions are purely volunteer and a way for people to help break into the industry. The time commitment for these positions will be even below part-time, approximately 5 to 10 hours a week at the most. Please click the link to each of the applications which have a more full description to the role and the expectations.

See your applications soon,

Ryan “AtRBM” Friend

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