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Into The Breach confirm they are close to re-signing their roster

Last week, Yaroslav ‘isk’ Issakov tweeted out that their contracts had expired and they were looking for another organization to represent. Into The Breach confirmed that they wanted to re-sign them but were “not yet the richest org and want to promote this roster to anyone who can beat our offer.” Due to new sponsors and funding, the organization has confirmed to Rush B Media that it has been able to improve its offer and the roster led by 19-year-old coach, Gustavo “Juve” Alexandre, is currently looking likely to stay with Into The Breach. 

Since adding William ‘dobbo’ Dobson in June, the team has been in great form, ending with a positive run in ESEA advanced, with upset wins over LDLC and PACT. The team was only one map away from making it into ESEA Premier after a devastating loss to SAW. With a high skill-ceiling, the roster shot up to the 69th position in the HLTV rankings at the end of the year, and for an organization like Into The Breach, which is dedicated to grassroots UK esports, the team is a great re-signing.

When we approached the organization for comment on the status of its team, it provided us with the following statement:

The intention was always to resign our roster, and we’ve been in talks throughout. We just wanted to make sure they had the opportunity to receive the best offer possible, even if it wasn’t by us. However, new sponsors and funding have meant we were able to improve our offer, and we’re now likely to resign.

It appears that the team is very close to re-signing with Into The Breach. Assuming all ongoing talks finalize, Into The Breach will look like:

  • Yaroslav ‘isk’ Issakov
  • Adam ‘Adam9130″ Ahmad
  • Cai ‘CYPHER’ Watson
  • William ‘dobbo’ Dobson
  • Kirk ‘Tadpole’ Stephens
  • Gustavo ‘Juve’ Alexandre
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