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Hello! I’m Saumya Srijan and I was picked by Rush B Media with the rest of the team back in August 2021. In the brief six months I represented Rush B as a Junior Writer, I managed to put together four comprehensive articles. Even though they were meager, I’m chuffed with the quality they offered and the hard work I put behind them. With the next few hundred words, I’d like to try and reflect on my journey to the person I am today. 

In all honesty, my first article was an utter failure. Eager to get my first article out right away, I resolved to pen down my thoughts on the new FNATIC lineup. Afraid of making presumptuous comments, I avoided diving too deep into details. The article ended up being less of an opinion piece and more of a recap of the players. Consequently, it received some fair criticism. However, for me, it only meant I had so much more to improve. I spent the next weeks going through myriads of articles to get a knack for writing which helped me figure out what kind of writer I wanted to be. 

For the next couple of articles, I decided to write about the players I’ve most admired, namely coldzera and broky. Having followed them closely over the years, I was confident I’d have ample to talk about. While writing, my intent has always been to fill the article with insights and make it as comprehensive as possible.   

 My final article, ‘The Trials of karrigan’ is the one I treasure the most. It took me a lot of sleepless nights, a lot of skipped college days, and even more research to become acquainted with his persona. The idea came in response to a strong desire to throw some light on his selfless playstyle which often catches a lot of unnecessary flak. It was my most successful article and I’m proud to this day that it pleased karrigan himself.

The future seems bright as I will head over to Under the guidance of innersh1ne, I’ll look to continue to develop my understanding of the game. Make sure to follow me on Twitter where I  defend FaZe from 15-11 banters. 

On a final note, I’d like to thank the rest of the staff who share invaluable contributions to my growth. I feel extremely blessed to have gotten an opportunity to work alongside some wonderful people from around the world. Starting with the editors, Rory, who corrected me and helped me develop new ideas. Adam, who was there to help me out at a moment’s notice. Martin, who worked through nights to ensure timely edits. Lukas, who was patient enough to go through all my ludicrous ideas. We had a team of very skilled writers and designers who have helped me throughout the past six months. In the end, I’d like to thank Ryan for believing in me and giving me this opportunity to contribute and learn. Thanks to Rush B, I met so many people and made so many friends along the way.  

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