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s1mple: RBM’s Silver Scope

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The Rush B Media awards are awards chosen by our staff members to be given to players in a number of categories, and next up is ‘Silver Scope’ – our AWPer of the year, Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev.

As expressed in the Offensive and Defensive Player of the Year Award article that crowned s1mple as the recipient, he dominated on both sides of the server. He fancied the AWP on his pathway of destruction, using it nearly twice as much as his second most popular weapon, the AK. His ability with the scoped weapon is one of the many reasons he is an unstoppable force in this game and continues to be the gold standard for performance as a professional Counter-Strike player. S1mple’s arsenal of abilities allow him to maintain top-tier impact with weapons outside of the big green, as opposed to the more traditional, otherwise known as more “pure” AWPers inside HLTV’s top 20. However, you will find it impossible to name an AWPer that could consistently offer the pressure and impact that s1mple can apply, onto the opposition, while wielding the AWP.

No one could compare with s1mple on the AWP last year

Although LAN was not happening for most of 2021 due to global circumstances, fans were still given opportunities to see the worlds-best battle it out in online competition throughout the last year. During these matches, s1mple was able to prove to everyone why he is still the best AWP in the world without using it as often. When s1mple was pitted against fellow star AWPers Mathiew “ZywOo” Herbaut of Vitality and Dmitry “sh1ro” Sokolov of Gambit at LAN last year, not only did NaVi win every single of the combined six series against these two teams, but he won the head-to-head AWP matchups. NaVi’s map record against these two teams at LAN last year was 14-3, and every step of the way s1mple was there with his AWP to lead the charge, further separating himself from the competition as the King of the Big Green.

s1mple proved his worth against top AWPers at LAN last year

2021 RBM Awards:

Player of the Year: s1mple

Coach of the Year: B1ad3

Golden Gun: NiKo

Silver Scope: s1mple

Sasha Award: Coming soon

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